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Applied Military Sambo
Applied military sambo is a complex physical training system tailored for the professional training of physical security officers and those of different units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB and the USSR Armed Forces.  
Besides its first task of teaching different means of self-defense, applied military sambo is an individually oriented and comprehensively developmental direction within the physical culture. It includes medical basics, psychological and tactic-special instruction and consists of several training and retraining programmes in hand-to-hand fighting and in forceful neutralization of the enemy in different conditions.
The special features of this system are the laconism of movement, the rationality of action, the widest choice of arsenal, enormous power and efficiency.
The end result of the system usage is that the people of different physical abilities act with the same efficiency in field conditions (or within a sporting single combat), because they acquire the ‘invisible arms’ that they can take with them anywhere.
The combat aspect (the technical basis) of applied military sambo is composed of the well-studied, well-investigated and tested by the experience and by the time holds of the most authoritative European, Asian and American hand-to-hand combat systems. During many decades these data along with the best Russian techniques have been collected and adapted to the versatile needs, tasks and aims of the special units of the state law enforcement agencies. Unlike the majority of the modern styles and directions, applied military sambo developed on the basis of the scientific investigation of a possible enemy and at the same time only reliable data derived from the primary sources was used. Applied military sambo has a vast and many-faceted potential and can confidently compete with any recognized martial arts school , which has been repeatedly proved both by the sporting practice on the ring and tatami and by real facts from our life.                               

 For a long time the applied military sambo development and promotion within the limited audience of the USSR special services was carried out by a wonderful man, a pure soul, Anatoly Petrovich Nekrasov (17.02.1941-05.03.1994), a teacher and a senior USSR instructor of self-defence (Voluntary Sport Society ‘Dinamo’), an Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR. In Prohladny town in Kabardino- Balkarian Soviet Socialist Republic, during the period from 1970 to 1989, he trained seventy-two applied military sambo instructors. The instructors were trained to carry out further development and cultivation of the effective domestic applied military art. It was A.P. Nekrasov who was the first to set the task of popularizing applied military sambo as a complex direction within physical culture. He was right to consider that the orientation to different had-to-hand fighting schools will prove to be the most attractive factor in promoting applied military sambo as a modern universal sport in the multi-national USSR.
At present the promotion and further development of applied military sambo is carried out by the ‘Jiu-Jistu and Applied Military Sambo Centre’ in Saint-Petersburg, as well as a number of branches that were established in the period from 1980 to 2006 in the towns of Kostroma region, Leningrad region and Kola peninsula. The teaching, methodical and sporting work in these centers was organized and is now carried out under the leadership of the head applied military sambo instructor of Russia Valery Rozhkov, the graduate of the Prohladny town applied military sambo instructors’ school of 1980.  In order to demonstrate the successful work of the centre and its branches it is enough to mention the fact that among its graduates one can find champions and world prize-winners within different kinds of martial arts and that the instructors’ services are successfully used by the state law enforcement agencies and private security services.


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