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Grand Master Valery Rozhkov:
The senior applied military sambo trainer, 6 WKU dan holder, 6 ju-jutsu dan holder, the ‘Applied Military Sambo and Jiu-Jitsu (Ju-Jutsu) Godai-Ryu’ Federation President, the head of the applied military sambo and jiu-jitsu direction in the International Martial Arts’ College (IMAC), one of the founders and organizers of ‘Self-Defense All-Round’ sport direction, the head judge of the ‘Self-Defense All-Round’ sport section of the annual international martial arts’ ‘Athletic Russia’ festivals – nowadays the ‘East-West’ Martial Arts’ Olympiad (
Valery Rozhkov has been repeatedly engaged in filming as a stunt man, stunt and combat scene director. He has issued several books and video manuals on armless combat art, medieval diversionary training and basic technique as well as a correspondence master-class on ju-jutsu godai-ryu technique training and a booklet on the psychology on self-defense for women and children. Valery Rozhkov has developed and is now improving the modern style of ‘five principles of flexible technique’ – godai-ryu ju-jutsu.   
Valery Rozhkov was given the rank of applied military sambo instructor in 1980, when he was 17 years old. Since that time he has been teaching sambo, practicing various single combat systems and conducting seminars in different CIS regions. Besides that he has been occupied with instructing and methodology development. It was Rozhkov’s trainer – Anatoly Petrovich Nekrasov (17.02.1941-05.03.1994) – who helped him to attain high skills.

The applied military sambo instructors’ school completed by Valery Rozhkov is a unique thing in it’s way. It was organized and conducted by Anatoly Nekrasov – the senior instructor of applied military sambo and self-defense (Voluntary Sport Society ‘Dinamo’), an Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR. The school was located in Prohladny town in Kabardino-Balkarian Soviet Socialist Republic. From 1970 to 1989 he trained 72 specialists, unfortunatelly nowadays only Rozhkov is an active trainer among them. Many of them mowed to the secret services, many died in Afghanistan. But Rozhkov is trying to go on with applied military sambo promotion and spreading; he has established the Centre for applied military sambo development in Saint-Petersburg.
Valery Rozhkov is deeply confident that although sport is limited with rigid age bounds, it can still arm the man with stable skills of resistance, with ability to concentrate his will at the right moment and with unbending strength of spirit for the whole life. Sooner or later the sport comes to the end and you remain with the necessary instinct of self-preservation and your body weight that should be used at the right moment. The whole point here, as Pyotr F. Lesgaft said, is in one’s ability to ‘achieve the maximum result with minimum physical efforts applied’.

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