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Ju-jutsu  Godai-ryu
Ju-jutsu  Godai-ryu School: ‘Five Principles of Flexible Technique’.
As the art of ju-jutsu has never been limited by the prohibition of strangling, painful holds, nerve attacks, using improvised means and so forth, it demonstrates the process of the martial art's development in concordance with its basic principles.
Ju-jutsu is undoubtedly the most comprehensive self-defense system in the world. Since it includes various tactical styles of fighting, its studying resembles that of the five directions of the strategy and tactic of martial arts altogether. These are five elements: the earth, the fire, the water, the wind and the void; these are five technical arsenals: the kick, the throw, the painful lock, the strangling and armed fighting; five conditions: the knowledge, the determination, the right reaction, the ability and the perfection. Within every direction some particular attention is paid to some element, and it is the personal bias, mood, physical shape, level of preparedness and material issues that may exert influence on this preference.
Unquestionably, the combination of power and technique is destructive. Predominantly, within ju-jutsu only necessary power is used. Just necessary – the power that is not used exceedingly and that does not contradict the main principle of ‘gentleness’ and flexibility of the response.
The combination of applied military sambo, reflex, technical skill, power, force, rigidity, hardness – on the one hand – and ju-jutsu, reason, experience, liveliness, flexibility, gentleness – on the other hand – has given rise to the harmoniously evolving martial art, V.A. Rozhkov’s modern ju-jutsu godai-ryu style ‘Five Principles of Flexible Technique’ school.
All the techniques mentioned here are the examples of the main ju-jutsu godai-ryu principles implementation and all of them without exception are practical and efficient self-defense holds. Of course, one must always take into account individual preferences and abilities that could be successfully used, developed and improved.

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