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Cinema is a true art!
And the filming grants a possibility of sharing one’s ideas and knowledge with the viewers.

By the current moment, Valery Rozhkov has shot several books and films on applied military sambo and ji-jitsu godai-ryu, practical self-defense, unarmed fighting, fighting with improvised means and household utensils, a film on self-defense for women and children and the constantly supplemented library of Rozhkov’s seminars filmed by the audience. A series of educational films on the technique and the tactic of applied military sambo and ji-jitsu godai-ryu is being prepared for release. All these teaching aids are popular among all those who undergo self-defense training. These materials have been practically implemented in several schools, both of Eastern martial arts and of Russian fighting and self-defense.
A very special experience is staging stunts and fighting scenes in various films and TV-series. Every film has its particular characters and demands the special work on creating the very atmosphere to accentuate the nature of the characters. Valery Anatol’evich successfully copes with this task, which is illustrated by his engagement in such well-known feature films and TV-series as:

ff ‘Anti-Killer’       TVs ‘Taxi Driver’       TVs ‘Steep Turns’            ff ‘Edelweiss Pirates’          TVs ‘Gangster Petersburg - 3’            TVs ‘Killing Power’ (‘Chinese Quarter’ series)

TVs ‘The Princess and the Beggar’         ff ‘The Swing’ (‘the Sledge and Tanya’)            ff ‘The Hot Asphalt’ (‘Street-racers’)         ff ‘Fall down, you are dead!’

ff ‘The Clinic’      ff ‘Magician’s Puppets’           ff ‘The Two from the Coffer’           TVs ‘Liteyny-4’                 TVs ‘Liteyny’       ff ‘Love under Prohibition’

ff ‘The Demon’         ff ‘Dead Souls’               ff ‘Classified Love’              ff ‘Classified Love-2’           ff ‘Reply to Me’          ff ‘The Parents’ Day’ 

ff ‘Only Forward’         and so forth

You can see action cuts and some photographs of these films in the ‘Photo and Video’ section.

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